Learn About YAYOE

There is so much more to YAYOE than just the walls that surround the campus.  Learn more about what makes YAYOE a pillar of the community.

Parent Resources

YAYOE is here to partner with our parents.  Our handbook provides insight into the parents part of ensuring the partnership with the school allows your child to flourish.  


Looking to enroll your child in YAYOE? Review the details of our admissions process.

Our Staff

YAYOE’s staff consists of the top Talmidei Chachamim and educators who take pride in teaching and providing an educational environment to ensure the students’ success.

Our Campus

Located in the heart of one of  Los Angeles’ largest Jewish neighborhoods, YAYOE provides the students with a large campus with plenty of amenities to keep the student body occupied with classrooms, sports courts, music  rooms and more.  Contact us to schedule a visit.

Our Chinuch

Chinuch at YAYOE is not just a concept.  It’s a way of life.  Ensuring that the students are happy and learning in a safe and happy environment is key.

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